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I have bought a love spell from mama Aminah before and it worked perfectly. However, I didn’t purchase the most powerful spell because I wanted to see if it really would work, and it did. Although it worked, me and my lover’s relationship ended abruptly. It was not mama Aminah fault though. It was mine. I took advantage of the spell thinking whatever I did or said to my lover that he will never leave me. Big  mistake.

But now I have purchased the most powerful love spell, even though it is more expensive. I have soo much faith in mama Aminah and her work, she is amazing. So to all who are skeptical about her, she is the real thing. And also if you are wondering if you should get a love spell, get the most expensive one and DO NOT take it for granted. It is real. he is the best and I’m glad he is working with me again to get back the one I truly love. I’m not going to make the same mistakes I did before. And I will purchase from her again…maybe next time a money spell

Again thanks mama Aminah…you are AMAZING

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