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Traditional healer Dr Maama Aminah is a African traditional healer who can heal, bring back lost lovers, solve love and marriage problems .

Find and solve life problems with African traditional healer, Dr Maama Aminah the most powerful traditional healer.

Many ask me the question, "Maama Aminah how can you be a traditional healer, sangoma healer, berbalist and spell caster all in one" .

What you have to understand is these terms are used interchangeably by people and all refer generaly to the same role of traditional healer who uses natural herbal remedies and spiritual rituals to provide healing to the sick and troubled.

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My work as a traditional healer

A sangoma is a practitioner of ngoma, a philosophy based on a belief in ancestral spirits (Zulu: amadlozi) and the practice of traditional African medicine

The common thread between us all is that we access advice and guidance from the ancestors for our patients through possession by an ancestor, or channelling, throwing bones

I also work by interpreting dreams combined with the use of natural herbal remedies.

Ancestral spirits can be the personal ancestors of the sangoma or the patient or they might be general ancestors associated with the geographic area or the community.

Sangomas are legally recognized in South Africa as "traditional health practitioners", under the Traditional Health Practitioners Act of 2007 (Act. 22 of 2007) as diviners alongside with herbalists, traditional birth attendants, and traditional surgeons.

As a traditional healer in South Africa I base my herbal philosophy of the modern approach whilst I also use the powers of the magical and energy

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